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Its pretty cool though that it seems to make the game more responsive with vsync turned on, so even if that’s all it does, its good. Lucid takes advantage of this disparity and eliminates redundant rendering tasks and predicts potential synchronization issues in the graphics delivery pipeline and intelligently removes and or replaces them for better game control. Mar 25, 10, 0 0. Any translation of this Agreement is provided for convenience only and shall not be used in the interpretation or construction of this Agreement and shall not be binding on the parties. I would like to see this with a game that actually stresses a gpu.

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Basically makes the response times better for stuff like moving the camera in a fps.

Wow at that video! There’s a delay as it is now? CrunchyFrog Member Mar 11, I tried this out yesterday.

Lucid Virtu*

Of course it goes without saying that there are good reasons that modern Virti have a frame pipeline, and this is primarily to smooth out the framerate so that it doesn’t constantly fluctuate creating a microstutter-like effect and so that ivrtu CPU doesn’t end up waiting on the GPU.

Lucid takes advantage of this disparity and vietu redundant rendering tasks and predicts potential synchronization issues in the graphics delivery pipeline and intelligently removes and or replaces them for better game control.


For those who have followed the developments for some time, you’ll already know what Virtu MVP is. Together with improved power management, Virtu MVP: I’m assuming this has nothing to do with MVP and the triple buffering tech? Jun 28, 1, 0 0. Sections of this page. Jul 18, 4, 0 0 Montreal.

Maybe this will help with the stuttering thing we always talk about. The terms of the software license agreement included with any software you download will control your use of the software.

Claims arising under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of California, excluding its principles of conflict of laws and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the Sale of Goods. Lucid Virtu Users Guide v1 2 Universal. Skeyser Member Mar 11, It never really kicked off for the most part and we haven’t heard heaps about them for a little bit.

Use of the Software by the Government constitutes acknowledgment of Intel’s proprietary rights therein. This sounds like something that would probably not work well with older games. Apr 18, 0 0.

Lucid Virtu MVP: What it is, and why you’ll want it on your Intel/AMD motherboard | NeoGAF

Jul 4, 35, 0 0. Because there’s no real formula to what we’re doing today the first thing we’re going to do is take a look at the motherboard we’re going to be using in the article today. Lucid contends that their solution can handle these issues without buffering additional frames – and thereby without increasing input lag – and it will be interesting to put this to the test once Virtu Universal MVP finally ships.


Despite this, display refresh rates have remained fairly flat over the years, Luckd, except for lufid stereo displays at Hz. EXE files just unzipped, depending on your operating system: Switchable Graphics Well there are a few reasons. Anony Member Mar 12, The end goal is to display as new a frame as possible, as waiting for refreshes and having multiple frames in the rendering pipeline both contribute to input lag.

February 28, at 9: Here’s the link to Virtu MVP if anyone wants to try it out: Jun 15, 17, 0 0 Calgary, AB. Yes, it’s platform agnostic.

Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion. Hopefully it delivers to it’s promise.