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These won’t work with very old kernels such as the 2. See this page for a script that does this Please note that you have to edit the script because it’s supporting without changes only the outdated “lenny” and current stable “squeeze” release. Supported it for some time on 3Ware’s and since 5. Here is a patch that fixes it: Installation report in Daily Builds Daily builds are available from the d-i devel page.

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Worked fine, needs tg3 firmware. Worked fine, needs bnx2 firmware. The status for cache being temporarily disabled due to the raid battery charging or discharging is being misreported as a critical alert instead of warning level. System will beep before bootloader starts however.

cciss(4) – Linux manual page

To get it working for me, I installed the kernel from experimental 2. Please change following lines if your controller has slots in 2 digits: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can someone point me in a direction as to how to use this plugin to check a server that is being monitor by my nagios server?

You can use these if you have a supported distribution running a supported kernel.

SCSI error handling for tape drives and medium changers The Linux SCSI midlayer provides an error-handling protocol that is initiated whenever a SCSI command fails to complete within a certain amount of time which can vary depending on the command. This patch will get called only once for each controller.


The cciss driver previously contained a feature which would enable it by default to run on Smart Array controllers which it did not explicitly recognize except so far as to be able to determine that they were some sort cciss Smart Array.

The only disk devices that are presented to the kernel are logical drives that the array controller constructs from regions on the physical drives.

A description of the project, information about reporting bugs, and the latest version of this page, can be found at https: Fixed issue where ACU would hang after several operations.

See also the kernel documentation for further explanation. Note also that if no sequential access hl or medium changers are detected, the SCSI core will not be engaged by the action of the above script.

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OS distros with warnings. But since there’s a raid controller, all report the same serial number.

The -p switch seems to not work. Additionally, note that the driver will not engage the SCSI core at init time. In these instances you may wish to try the source RPMs or tarballs provided here. This is on Ubuntu Linux If you’re using identical physical disks you won’t ccisa any “difference” as smartmontools is focused on monitoring physical disks and not controllers or logical disks you can and will not find any information of those in smartmontools.


The current list vciss controllers that are supported by cciss only: And then look at the output of the hpssacli ctrl all show config command: Sign up using Facebook.

No longer spins up idle spare drives. Post-install warnings about missing tg3 firmware in update-initramfs: Later, after checking this one out a bit more, I’ll edit this to reflect what I find.

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HP ProLiant Servers

Some development versions 2. The problem can be this: Logs to syslog, and optionally, sends SNMP traps. The hpsa driver has the ability to claim unknown Smart Arrays, however this is turned off by default so that it does not try to claim older controllers meant to be claimed ccjss the cciss driver.