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Best Mount Spots for a GoPro. Wake submitted 3 years ago by khard If you are using the Dive Housing, it is waterproof to ‘ 60 meters If you are using a BacPac, here are the depth ratings: On the rope is a great spot.. You will be too small with gopro wakeboarding. Users can now edit their own flair. The best footage i have got from a go pro is when it is mounted on the end of a pole.

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Plus as some have said, depending on what mounts you’re using, it may not do the job. Do a search on here and I am sure you will find the thread.

The suction cup on the transom or side of the boat will be the next adventure to hopefully capture the size of the wave better. Feedback Please tell us how we can make this article more useful. Its a fisheye so you want to be really close 3 to 15 feet away for a good picture from a go pro. Connect around the hinge to the door and whatever anchor you need will be a strap on my PFD for me. The action is mostly nonexistent – a lot of “still life” shots.

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Wakesurt planning to buy the suction cup mount and use a tether of some sort. Try putting some Rain-X on the lens. I’m going to always post this as the best option Was this article helpful? Bought an 18″, 45lb test leader line and a simple carabiner.

Never Summer Wake Surfboards.

Wakezeach Summer is finally here and while in the old days that meant getting outside as much as possible, these days it means getting outside some and then getting inside to edit the video of you being outside some in order to portray to the world how awesome that time was… some of the time. I’m still waiting on my beta and probably won’t see it now this year though: Used the chest mount since my friend didn’t have the floaty backdoor. That looks really nice!

Just be a bit careful with the suction cup mount.

I have made some tweaks to the setup since that footage so it was an older setup. Then tied the thing to my front ski binding wakdsurf that at worst it would get banged around if it let loose, which it never did. Haven’t tried goprro chest mount on the rider yet, but aim to do it soon. Rusty Wake Surfboards. Yup, I too have a GoPro and the bottom of the lake after using the suction cup mount.


Be sure to buy the float back door and make sure it foats the entire camera including the suction cup mount.


What doesn’t belongs here? Thought we should give it a try. Wakseurf can now edit their own flair. And yes, your voice does sound weird on video.

If you have a helmet for wakeboarding one of the curved adhesive mounts works well on the front of a helmet. Keep that shit clean, period. Show your main board next to your user name!

Wakeeurf seen where a quick release attachment was zip tied to the rope. Mounted mine on the upper transom above the grab handle with a surf mount, tether and floaty back.

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