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Then, it displays a graphical user interface GUI for configuring the current settings. Graphics drivers and the desktop effects programs are under heavy development, and are updated regularly. This mode of operation is useful if nvidia-settings has difficulties starting due to prob- lems with applying settings in the configuration file. This mode of operation is useful to place in your xinitrc file, for example. Note, however, that you will need to have X permissions configured such that you can establish an X connection from the computer on which you are running nvidia-settings stravinsky. This is useful to limit processing to a subset of targets, based on an existing relationship s to other targets. In the typical home user environment where your home directory is local to one computer and you are only configuring one X Display, then it does not matter whether each attribute setting is qualified with an X Display Name.

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Nidia multiple assign- ments are made to the same attribute or to multiple attributes with dependencies, then the later assignments will have priority. You can specify a different configuration file name with the –config command line option. Details about the options on each page of nvidia-settings are available in the help window.

This type of backup is made by nvidia-xconfig before it modifies an X configuration file that it has not previously touched; this is assumed to be an X configuration file that pre- dates the involvement of the NVIDIA X driver. Valid values for “TVOutFormat” are: Want to link to this manual page? Connecting to Remote X Servers 7.


Only one entry in the list can be selected at once, and the selected category controls which “page” is displayed on the right side of the nvidia-settings GUI. A backup of the original configuration is created with “. Each set of performance mode tokens nvifia separated by a “;”. Therefore, you would not want your config file to qualify each attribute with an X Display Name.

For a list of possible mouse types, see the ‘–mouse-list’ option. Note that an OpenGL application only retrieves settings from the X server when it starts, so if you make 92 change to an OpenGL value in nvidia-settings, it will only apply to OpenGL applications which are started after that point in time.

If someone were so inclined, a different front-end GUI could be implemented.

Then, it displays a graphical user interface GUI for configuring the current settings. X Display Names in the Config File 6. This option is nviia semicolon-separated list of pairs of dis- play device names and filename pairs; e.

A target specification is contained within brackets and consists of hvidia target type name, a colon, and the target id. If this option is not provided, 3D VisionPro configuration will not be stored.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

The most recent official version of the source code is available here: Note that nvidia-xconfig, if necessary, will append a unique number to the EDID filename, to avoid over- writing existing files e. For example, you might run nvidia-settings on the computer stravinsky. This system wide file is typically here: How OpenGL Interacts with nvidia-settings 3. See the output of nvidia-settings –query screens nvixia gpus freebsr framelocks –query vcs –query gvis –query fans –query thermalsensors –query svps –query dpys for lists of targets for each target type.


Make sure to update your ports tree using your favorite method like csupCVSup or portsnap before you install any application from the ports system. The valid values for an attribute are reported when the attribute is queried. Command Line Interface 5.

x11/nvidia-driver builds; fails install (staging issue?)

Patches can be submitted to linux-bugs nvidia. This will also report the valid values for the attribute. The driver will create a kernel module, which should be loaded at system startup. If this is the exact location, the ‘use-gtk2’ option is ignored.


The correct one to use depends on the actual model and age of your graphics card:. Loading Settings Automatically 4.

Set this option to off to prevent the X driver from attempting to connect to acpid.