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Select this printer as the printer to be used. Canceling and outputting of printing are carried out in this unit of job. Click the [Configuration] tab. The names specified in [Paper Name] will be displayed for Customs 1 to 5. Examine the inside of the printer and remove any jammed paper. The [ContentsBridge] dialog box appears.

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You can specify a value between 6. The [Print Settings Confirmation] dialog box appears. Values of the required memory capacity also differ according to the usage environment of this printer.

Low Power Timer 15 Mins The default is [ Enter up to 12 numeric characters. Load the envelopes in the portrait orientation so that the flaps are turned dupl the right side.

Digital Duplicators|Duprinter|DP-G205

Functional Parts Our company will keep the functional parts parts essential for the machine functions of the printer for replacement for 7 years after we have stopped manufacturing it.

Click [OK] in the printer properties dialog box. Parallel Select this to use a parallel port.

Check the displayed message and rectify the error. To assign a paper name, select the [Name the Paper Size] check box and then enter the name in [Paper Name]. In order to use the features of this printer effectively, we suggest using only paper that is recommended here. Use the consumables recommended for dp-2005 product.


Click the [Fuji Xerox Web Site] button. An error has occurred in the network between the computer and the printer. On the printer driver, register the envelope size as a custom paper size.

Digital Duplicators|Duprinter|DP-G315

Font Pitch Specifies the character spacing. For details on how to uninstall the optional accessories, refer to the each manual that is bundled with each accessory. Operate the control panel to print the [Print Meter Report].

For stubborn stains, moisten a soft cloth with a small amount of neutral detergent, and gently wipe the stain off. Pull out the extension output xuplo. When you use paper that is not recommended, contact our Customer Support Center or your dealers. Wait for a while as instructed. If you are loading a paper size of A4 or smaller, proceed to step 6. Hold the grip of the paper tray and pull its extendable part to the front until it reaches the paper size B4 or A3.


This feature is known as Mail Notice Service.

Sheets The total number of sheets for paper used for printing. Wipe the rubber parts with a wet but well-wrung soft cloth.

Duplo Duprinter DP Manuals

Open cover B of this printer and push down the levers at both ends of the fuser unit. Click [About] on the [Detailed Settings] tab of the printer properties dialog box.

You can also check it in CentreWare Internet Services. From [Paper Size], select the size of the original document. This uses the hard disk optional as the receive buffer for spool processing.

Types of information Description Job Completion Notifies the status of print jobs completed, canceled or confirm from the computer. Do not use them.