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Restart one more time, and your sound should be fine. Remember how the trackpad cable goes under the Palm Rest bracket there’s an arrow showing the correct passageway. There are limitations, of course. This License allows you to install, use and run one 1 copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time. I only got past this point by going back to the beginning again and reinstalling everything and using NBI 0. The postinstall script is hardcoded with this HD name.

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Mac Users’ View on Hackintoshing a Mini 10v

No issues with tabbing to buttons, everything was visible. I spent 2 weeks researching mlni state of Hackintosh and decided to order my first PC, a Dell Mini 10v. How did you get the Leopard-setup onto your usb flash drive?

Send a private message to psyopper. Release the cable locks by using your flathead screwdrivers on both sides and pull toward you or use your fingernails. In my travels in IT suport 100v, i have noticed a BIG increase in the number of home users who want Macs, now that their 5yo pc is dying.


Edited by Blue Meanie on Saturday 1st May These take up a LOT of space, and are probably unnecessary for you. I hope these are useful! Originally Posted by detter. From those who are already working with Mac OS X on the 10v: Press Apply, then Partition. Printer Support — Totally pointless, since Snow Leopard will automatically look for the latest driver on the Internet when you connect a printer.

If you have kids listening to headphones, use light. You must have done an impressive method in addition to our delll town will likely be glad to your account.

I have tried creating the bootable flash drive with the snow leopard install disc on an actual snow leopard mac desktop, using the netbookbootmaker 0. Most of these projects have been exactly that – projects, requiring a bit of hardware and software expertise. I deleted old NBI installed and ran new one, then the update from. I do not provide active support for these instructions, nor have they been updated since July of Hi Clare, I am not saying that it has an advantage. Always thought the Dell 10 had the Dual.

Align four tabs on bottom of keyboard and snap in place, bottom mjni.


OSX 10.6.5 and the Dell Mini 10v Hackintosh

haxkintosh If the spinning wheel does not appear after two minutes, try power cycling the netbook and try again. PH – Most memorable drives. Headset is for single-ear, mono bluetooth devices. Just pry it out of the cable lock.

You can now easily install Snow Leopard Try unplugging everything except power before you close the lid.

Is there anyway I can still save this computer or do I need to start again from It black screens, and then starts the boot process over again… and again, and again. Can you repeat your procedure?

Booted back into Mac OS X After it’s released, you’ll need to disconnect the Trackpad cable, it’s got the same cable locks, so use your flatheads on both sides. Forum

Seems to be a resolution problem, and the virtual resolution does not solve it. You should on this on each step. This will bend and break, so be careful.