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The Pass Through driver is also useful with other printers if you are using a Windows printing format. It will give you some vague hints. Any help would be appreciated. You will not see Datamax listed here in the list of printers. You will probably want it as a local printer. If the printer stops between each ticket, make sure the Pause between labels box is not checked. Is it consistently dark, across the ticket?

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An explanation of the different types of bar codes available is on page 71 of the Wintix manual.

Setup for Datamax Ticket Printers

Datamax printer codes are similar to the FGL codes in that they passthry a row and column designator. Right-click the driver icon found under printers in the Windows control panel.

Take a look on page 65 of EDPL. Occasionally, a printer will need to be reset to factory defaults. Windows is ready to copy the files necessary for the driver. Click on the browse button and we will find the driver. It just passes the codes to the printer.


Do you get Hello world? The Tear offset is how far the ticket sticks out at the end of the print job. Under windows both types of printers function perfectly and the output is created as expected, presumably because the Windows Device Drivers for these two types of printer handles the format that Jasper generates. This document was created and added on May 1, See page 26 of the Datamax User Guide for more information.

They are different pssthru that they also contain information about the font, rotation, horizontal, and vertical multipliers. You still paszthru to install the print driver. Check to make sure Present Sensor is enabled. This is what attaches the ppassthru to the ticket printer. There are two properties for the Datamax Pass-Thru printer that must be set prior to use.

Bluetooth™ & wifi setup command – Datamax-O’Neil APEX Series Programmer’s Manual User Manual

You still need to set the paper size, orientation, label mark, and black line offset. Load the ticket stock Unlock the printhead and lift it so it is vertical. To do this, turn the printer off.

Why would you bother with all passrhru complication? If it does not, there is a problem with the printer. This resets the printer.


I would imagine that a solution to this would be the same if using a different type of label printer such as a Zebra.

After completing the steps above, unload the ticket stock and turn the printer off. Click on File Page Setup Print setup. If you are printing more than tickets per day, you will probably want to do things this way.

Printing to Datamax Thermal Label Printer in UNIX

Browse to the Datamax CD. Press the Feed button again. If this is the case, the media type needs to be changed from transfer to direct.

Push the stock to the left side. Does it have a green light? Products Solutions Services Resources. Then, hold down F1 and F3 while turning it on.

If the printer stops between each ticket, make sure the Pause between labels box is not checked.