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It must be a driver-problem! I tried starting up while holding F8 and also downloaded overrider software. Much appreciated and good work for doing this off your own bat. When I first connected it, it was recognized as usbasp. I am running Windows 7 x

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Unplug not just turn off agr-doper PC. But the driver on this site worked so easily. I can use it once with avrdude and then, i got an error that the device is not present. I hvae cleared the cache and tried again, still no luck.

Download DSEO from http: Hello, I am having the same problem. This is weird but I guess clearing the information of all past USB devices should resolve the issue for anyone.

The board winows could be faulty but then it worked so who knows? Who is online Users browsing this forum: A lot of people are having trouble with the zip file. Can you please please just post the drivers in unzipped form? This morning I re-zipped the file and turned off compression. Previous article Extending Terminal Blocks. You have to signature the driver yourself.


Do you have any suggestion?? Don’t install any driver, and don’t connect your AVR-Doper! I couldnt get the driver running on windows 7.

USBASP driver for Windows 7 and Windows Vista x64 – Protostack

I connected it to my netbook and it was recognized as usbasp. Besides, this device is awesome. Is it possible to solve this problem so that I’m able to run windows without “test mode”? Board index All times are UTC.

Just install it manually as known from WinXP!

USBasp – USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers

Whenever I download the file it seems to unzip fine. You can direct the USB device to the virtual machine. It is partially signed which means windows still produces a warning during installation, but that warning does not prevent installation of the driver. Open device manager I must unplug it from the usb-port. If so send us a message via our contact us page http: When I first connected it, it was recognized as usbasp.


You download the software Easy Driver Pack for Win8 x64 at download here Chinese versionafter downloading, run the.

ZIP file dows not work for me either. The certificate on the base drivers Hi Albert, did you ever get this problem resolved?.

Then i must plug it in again, can windoows use once and then the same error. I get it with some help from Osamu Tamura.

Choose “Sign a System File” again and sign lowcdc.

Please let me know.